Greece In-Home Support Program

The Quluna Sawa In-Home Support Program takes place in the home of each child residing in LM Village camp. Quluna Sawa includes carefully designed, 1:1 curriculum focused on social emotional learning and academic support. This model nurtures parental resiliency, mitigates children's exposure to toxic stress, improves individual and family functioning in a challenging camp environment, strengthens family support networks, and promotes success in school. This program strives to be culturally-competent and father-inclusive, and sessions are built around a child’s needs and interests.

In-Home Support Program guidelines

  1. Each child/household with a child aged 4 -16 will have a visit once a week.

  2. Parents must be present during the visit and are strongly encouraged to join in the session.

  3. The session always starts with tapping on 9 pressure points followed by 3 mantras/ self affirmations (I am Kind, I am good, I am OK).

  4. After the opening ritual, the children use cards to decide on an activity. New options are presented each week for variety.

  5. We count down 10 mins before the end of the session and clean up together 5 mins before the session end time.

  6. Closing Ritual: We complete an emotion check-in and ask the children and parents how they feel, using emotion cards.