The Schoolbox Project provides mobile, solar-powered schoolhouses that operate out of converted shipping containers. The containers can be dispatched to where they are needed within a few days of being ordered, fully stocked with supplies. They can be relocated with one day notice. The values, policies and volunteer handbook of the project travels with each Schoolbox. All volunteers, no matter how short or long term, receive online and in person training on how to work with children who have been through trauma. Each Schoolbox is staffed with a program director as well as with a rotation of vetted, trained teachers and volunteers.


  • An Art and Play Program - rotating crafts and art projects for children who have had little opportunity for creativity and emotional expression during an extended time of trauma. Quieting, reflective and nature-inspired activities are emphasized to provide balance to the steady diet of "sensory junk food" regularly available to children in refugee camps.

  • A Schoolhouse - the space allows for organization and structure of instruction based on division of age and languages spoken. Regular, daily and weekly volunteer teachers provide language and other lessons.

  • A Mother + Baby Safe Space - designated hours before and after school for mothers with babies is an opportunity to provide a sense of community as well as to provide culturally sensitive care to women/mothers (available only in camps where no other Mother/Baby spaces are available)

  • A Solar Powered Charging and Wifi Zone( available only in camps where power is limited).

  • All services are delivered through a lens of trauma informed care. Children are never turned away for challenging behaviors. Instead, they are brought in closely and given 1:1 support to encourage inclusion and healing. In-home support is offered to families of children with challenging behaviors. Services are offered on a voluntary basis and delivered wherever the family sleeps, whether it be in a squat, tent or other temporary shelter.