Protecting children is everyone's job.

Join us by choosing a one-time or monthly donation.

How your donation will help (in USD):

  • $10 will provide a backpack stocked with art & school supplies to a child who just arrived to camp.

  • $25 will provide a family care kit containing first aid supplies and child centered activities.

  • $50 will send one family to our Family English School for one month.

  • $100 will purchase arts and craft materials for all Greek programming for one month.

  • $200 will fund our Quluna Sawa In Home Support program in Greece for 3 months.

  • $400 will fund the 'I Belong Project' for 3 months. This donation would allow us to purchase personalized T-shirts for 20 children, yoga mats and other sports materials for our weekly field days coordinated and led by camp residents.

  • $500 will provide one month of training and supplies for an underground school in Syria.

  • $850 will provide stipend and accommodations  for a Site Coordinator in Greece for one month.

  • $1500 will provide three months of training and supplies for an underground school in Syria.

  • $2500 will run a school for 150 children in Bangladesh for three months.

  • $5000 will fund an entire short term emergency response program for our next domestic or international disaster.