"I go to school in a cave."

More than seven years of war has displaced millions of Syrian children and limited their access to education (learn more HERE). Hundreds of thousands of people have fled, but those who remain are struggling to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their daily lives. Many schools have been decimated, even targeted by airstrikes, and teachers living in ISIS territory are even more vulnerable if they refuse to conform.

Over the years, Syrians have established makeshift schools in caves, trailers, and abandoned farms to educate children living in areas not supported by the government. Still, enrollment in conflict zones is as low as 6%. In October of 2017, some remaining Idlib students began returning to schools in the province's "de-escalation zone" where Turkish troops implemented a ceasefire deal agreed with Russia and Iran.

The Schoolbox Project supports one of these schools by providing ongoing trauma trainings for teachers, our "Schoolbox Toolbox" curriculum for children and a steady provision of much needed school and art supplies.