Welcome to LM Village

LM village is a small refugee camp based in Lechania, Greece. This camp is home to about 300 residents, primarily from Syria (learn more HERE). The Schoolbox Project offers informal education, art, play and dance, all with a trauma informed approach. This means that our programs are designed with consideration for the short and long term effects of trauma, to prioritize the unique needs of each child, and to avoid retraumatization in a highly challenging environment.

Schoolbox Project: LM Village operates out of several abandoned buildings, providing informal lessons and programming to 150 students each day. This includes a kindergarten, mixed age classes and a high school for teens and transition aged residents.  Subjects include English, Math, Art, Music, Drama as well as rotation of specialty workshops based on strengths and offerings of current volunteers. 

Program Director Alex Sonkin working his math class magic.

The Schoolbox Toolbox

The Schoolbox Toolbox is a curriculum developed to provide children with crucial self regulation skills and an understanding of how trauma and stress may show up in their bodies and life - in camp and beyond. Emphasis is placed on empowerment and post-traumatic growth. Parents are given support and tips on how to help their children feel safe in an unpredictable environment.