Schoolbox Stories

Life after war.

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"we didn’t have any school for three years."

"Our six children have come to all the services Schoolbox provide for the past 8 months – art, sports, English – everything. As well as this, volunteers also play with our children and teach them at home. When we see our children happy playing with volunteers this makes us happy.
If there was no Schoolbox here, there would be nothing here. We always miss the volunteers on their days off.
When the children first went to Schoolbox they were so happy, as we didn’t have any  school for three years before we arrived here. Our children are so excited everyday to go to Schoolbox and they rush to get ready and are always happy to be there.
Since the children have been to Schoolbox we’ve seen big changes in them, particularly in their English and German.  
All of camp sees Schoolbox really positively. The volunteers come from all over the world and Europe to teach our children and play with them which means a lot to us. We are very grateful that Schoolbox are here, the volunteers are always so friendly with us and we learn so much from them."

-Family of 8 from Kurdistan 

"The volunteers are not just our teachers, they are our brothers and sisters."

"We have been coming to Schoolbox for the past year and the sessions we love the most are dancing, library and math lessons. We are from Syria and the reason we came to Europe is for our children and so they could learn. In Syria, the children had no school and so we want to say thank you to Schoolbox so much for teaching the children and giving such a good service. We don’t only learn from school sessions but we also learn from the volunteers coming to our house, spending time with us, and having tea with us.
What we love about Schoolbox is that volunteers are always kind and happy with the children and they never shout at them. The volunteers don’t kick children out of school and they are very patient and explain problems to the children and their parents so they can understand. They help the children to fight less.
The volunteers are not just our teachers or our friends – they are our brothers and sisters. All of the volunteers help us so much by looking after our children, and Schoolbox volunteers actually saved my life once by helping me get treatment in hospital when I was sick. All of the volunteers have good hearts and they help us with our problems. "

- Family of 6 from Syria

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"You are everything to us"

"We have been coming to Schoolbox for 8 months now. In the past 8 months, my children have been to Schoolbox everyday for school, kindergarten, art, games and sports sessions. We’ve seen a big difference in our children in the last few months since they have been going to Schoolbox - how they act at home, how they talk to us, and their English. You are everything to us. If you were not here we would be depressed. Everyone from the camp loves Schoolbox. When the volunteers have their days off we are all bored, and when you come back we are happy again. We all really appreciate you."

-Family of Six from Kurdistan